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Simply Fresh Salad
Served with a fresh roll & cookie
Chicken Caesar Salad
  Romaine lettuce ,Parmesan cheese, croutons & Caesar dressing

Side Caesar Salad
Served with a roll & cookie . $5.95

Spinach Caprese Salad
                         Spinach,basil, lettuce, marinaded tomatoes & mozzarella balls,                                   with a balsamic vinegar dressing

  Daily Soup Kitchen
Served with a fresh roll & cookie
Soup: 8 oz cup $5.95 12 oz bowl

Add a cup of soup to any sandwich for $3.00
All Beef Country Frank     
Wrapped in white dough with Cheddar cheese, served with chips & cookie


Soup & Grilled Cheese
$7.95  8oz cup
White or Wheat Bread
Served with chip & cookie

Simply Fresh Sandwiches
Cold sandwiches come with lettuce, tomatoes, house dressing
Served with chips & cookie
Whole $8.95 |  Half $7.50

Bread selections: Country White, Honey Wheat, Sour dough,
  Croissant ( Croissant or Gluten Free Bread, Whole only)

  Oven roasted turkey &Swiss

  Black Forest ham & cheddar

. Turkey, cranberry & cream cheese

Tri-Tip Steak Sandwich  
Tri- tip marinaded, shredded lettuce & tomatoes,red onions,pepper jack cheese, Horseradish B,B,Q sauce, on toasted sourdough bread

  B.L.T & Swiss

Albacore tuna

Gourmet Chicken Salad

Turkey, Bacon, Avocado
$9.95 (whole only )

Simply Fresh Wraps
Served on a Whole Wheat tortilla or Flour tortilla, with chips & cookie
All $9.95

Chicken Caesar Wrap
Chicken breast, romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese,
Caesar dressing

                                                 Hummus Vegetarian Wrap                                                                                 Hummus, roasted red pepper,cucumbers,sliced avocados,                                creamy feta cheese,baby spinach, marinated tomatoes

          Chicken breast, B,B,Q sauce, cheddar cheese & ranch, lettuce, tomatoes

Simply Fresh Grilled Sandwiches
(Whole only)
Served with chips & cookie

ALL $9.95

 Grilled Ham & Smoked Gouda Cheese   

                    Thinly sliced ham and Smoked Gouda, roasted red peppers                             served on country style white bread

                                             Southwestern Chicken                                                             
                  Marinated chicken, with green chilies,pepper jack cheese, Chipotle may,                      lettuce & tomatoes,  served on a Ciabatta
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Corn Beef Reuben                                                                            Corn beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut & 1,000 island dressing,on Marble Rye

     Tri- Tip French Dip Sandwich     
        Peppercorn Tri-tip, Swiss cheese, au-jus sauce, on a ciabatta roll                      
                                Turkey Club & Swiss                                                  
                              Turkey, ham, bacon,Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes,                                  house dressing, on a Ciabatta roll   

   Melt Down Grilled Cheese      


served with chips & cookie     

Tomato Basil & Smoked Gouda ,Grilled Cheese
heddar cheese, smoked Gouda cheese ,creamy Feta cheese, fresh basil,               baby spinach,marinated tomatoes,served on Sour Dough Bread

Bacon & Cheddar Apple Melt
                           Bacon, honey Dijon, thinly sliced green apples, Cheddar cheese,                                         served on country style White Bread                     

Caprese Vegetarian
                Mozzarella,baby spinach,marinated balsamic pesto tomatoes,infused oil          ,                                       served on a Ciabatta roll                                 

Kids Menu
All $6.95

  Served with chips & cookie  
juice box or milk

Peanut Butter & Jelly
White or Wheat bread

Grilled Cheese
White or Wheat bread

 Cheddar Quesadillas

All beef Country Frank
wrapped in white dough with Cheddar Cheese

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